Niall: The Study of Human Anatomy & Biology

The way he looked at her could only be described as animalistic, and she was anything but aware.

She was sitting in front of a textbook, her eyes trained but unfocused on page 326 of her biology text. Somewhere in the middle of cellular respiration, her brain gave up and her body relaxed and her shoulders fell. She went elsewhere, her mind flying high above the desk at which she currently sat.

Niall was behind her, leaning against the door frame. He was shirtless - feeling far too warm to cover himself any more than necessary. His cheeks were flushed, stained red like the epitome of desire.

He watched as her chest rose and fell steadily. She seemed peaceful, unperturbed - and Niall wanted nothing more than to break that, to make her feel and moan and cry out and breathe unsteadily because damn it all, she did all those things to him and it was beyond his turn to return the favor.

So with reckless steps, he found himself just behind her chair, his hand coming to rest on the side of her neck, all of her hair having been swept to the other side. He leaned down and his lips touched, quiet and still, on the soft skin.

"You don’t seem to be learning any," he murmured - growled, really. His voice had fallen and crashed, and the gravelly tone he produced was more than enough to send shivers down her spine.

"No," she agreed, shuddering. Niall’s fingers slid from her neck down to her collarbone as he leaned over the back of her chair.

"Maybe we should fix that," he teased, playfulness lightening and darkening his tone. She smiled to herself and let her eyelids flutter as Niall traced the hollow of her clavicle.

"I could teach you," he whispered, more a command than a suggestion. She nodded slowly and unsteadily, her breath picking up like he had hoped it would.

"I know a thing or two about the human body."



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